Facilities Master Plan and Measure E Construction Program

Traffic / Construction Impacts

Rocklin Campus Construction Update

July 2019 (see map below)

To keep the campus community informed about construction projects, the Facilities Department will be issuing a monthly status update. We will highlight campus impacts, including parking and traffic disruptions, to help you better plan your day and avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Here are the updates for July:   

1.      A new solar array is being installed in several of the parking lots along Rocklin Road (Lots A, B, E, F, G, and H). Construction areas are fenced off within the lots, but the rest of the unfenced spaces in those lots are available for parking. Completion is planned for mid-August. During construction, there will be ample parking on campus, but you may need to allow extra time to locate available parking. If you have trouble finding parking, please try lots O, J, K, and I since these are likely to have extra spaces available. The project will yield many long-term benefits, including reduced energy consumption, lower energy bills, better lighting, and shaded stalls.

2.      Parking lot and roadway repairs will happen in multiple locations around campus throughout the month. Work areas will be blocked off so please expect some short-term loss of parking spaces and some traffic disruption on Campus Drive, west-bound lane only. Completion is planned for early August.

3.      A portable building (formerly one of the Dt’s) has been relocated near the Nursing Village and is in the process of being renovated into a simulated Emergency Room for the Nursing and EMT programs. Completion is planned for mid-August.

4.      To the east of the new Emergency Room simulator, three new buildings are being installed to replace the greenhouse buildings that will be demolished to provide the site for the new parking garage. Completion of the new buildings is planned for mid-August; demolition of the existing greenhouse buildings will then proceed into Fall semester.

5.      The pools are closed for extensive plumbing replacement; they will re-open on August 1.

6.      Several areas of the LRC will be renovated to create new classrooms on the first and fourth floors; classrooms will be completed for the start of Fall semester.

7.      A portion of the LRC roof will be replaced; walkway closures around the building are possible at times. Completion is planned for early to mid-August.

Impacted Areas

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